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Pickles and Cheese


If you might

And if you please,

May I have some

Pickles and cheese?


What I need

Are pickles and cheese.

They always put

My tummy at ease.


I’ll eat them indoors,

Or out in the breeze.

Oh, I how I love

Those pickles and cheese.


I never catch cold,

And I never sneeze.

Thanks to those wonderful

Pickles and cheese.


I’ve been to the rooftop

And climbed up some trees.

All in my search for

Pickles and cheese.


I’ve asked very nicely,

Got down on my knees.

So won’t you please give me,

Some pickles and cheese?


What have you there?

Do you mean to appease?

That’s a glorious plate

Of pickles and cheese!


Thank you so much for

The pickles and cheese.

Now let’s go to bed

And catch us some Z’s.